2022 Halloween Spooktacular – Part 1

EPISODE # 03 – The 2022 Halloween Spooktacular!

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We celebrate our first Halloween season of We Bleed Orange and Black by reaching back into the infamous Six Demon Bag for an old school spooktacular. Topics include: Intermittent Horror, Freaked: Weirdest Thing I Ever Seent, Goregasm: First SFX, Nearby Incidents: Haint Next Door, Scary vs Spoopy, Freakphone, AVP Monster Mash-up: Candy Man vs The Ring, Sci-Fi Corner: Body Melt!, Buckwylde All Hallows’ tyde, and a Quiz: Fight or Fright?


Special thanks to Johnathan Olson for composing our theme music.

Next Episode: The 2022 Halloween Spooktacular Part 2!

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