2022 Holiday Special – Part One

2022 Holiday Special – Part One

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We Bleed Orange & Black: the podcast for Halloween & Horror Lovers!

Join us as we interview indie creators, discuss our favorite horrors and share original horror stories.


Happy Holidays! We have come here to discuss festive topics and eat figgy pudding, and we’re alllll out of figgy pudding. Topics include: Spieling Bee, Mulled Wine vs Hot Cocoa, Halloween vs Christmas, Gremlins 3: The 3rd Batch, Murder Corner: Lord of the Logistics, Merry Fussmass, Buckwylde Yuletyde of Olde, Mail Bag: Hate-Watching Edition, Power Play: X-ray Vision vs Speak with Animals, Ageless or Average? Philosofood for Thought: Nic Cage, Min/Max Your D&D Stats, and another round of Holiday Riddle Disaster.


Next Episode: Part Two – Scary Christmas Stories

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